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2nd Nevis Half Marathon

The 2nd annual Nevis half Marathon took place on Sunday 27th january, the event also included a 10km run and a 5 km fun run/walk. top honors in the half marathon were taken by veteran campaigners Reggie Douglas and Miranda Fellows. In the 5km walk the top male and female were the evergreen Gordon 'Doc' Avery and Dr Raymonde Rohan, in the 5km run the top spots were taken by Beth Searle and Andy Brear, and in the 10km the top spots were taken by Andrea Schott and Reece Walters, full results are available on www.neviscycleclub.com


The event start and finish were on Samuel Hunkins Drive next to the Octogon bar and snackette, and the event organisers wishes to thank the Nevis police traffic dept for their invaluable assistance in marshalling the entire race ensuring the safety of all involved.


With a total of 65 competitors this was down from the inaugural event of last year, however, this had a lot to do with lack of sponsorship, which meant no prize money was on offer to attract the offshore competition, the Wheel World Cycle Shop stepped in to fund the event to ensure its continuity.


A fun time was had by all involved, with Ross University taking home the trophy for top placed university, special thank yous for the coordinators Collette Weekes (timing) and Hazel Manners (volunteers) and their respective crews for ensuring the smooth running of the race, also to Mr X Shiggidy Shack for supplying the bost for the St kitts competitiors.


The next running event planned will be a full marathon in St kitts on the 12th May, with 1/2 marathon, 10k, and 5k distances, plus a team relay in the marathon. 


Nevis Half Marathon 2013 Results.


5k Walk Females

Raymonde Rohan         42:33

Wendy Elliott                 46:52

Karine Lenox                   49:00

Julie Lundberg                   54:33

Susan Elsey                   54:35          

Joanna Brookes            1:00:06


5k Walk Male           

Gordon (Doc) Avery       48:09


5k Run Females

Beth Searle                      30:14

Nicole Morgan               32:04        

Nina Matsua                   32:12

Grace Chun                   32:38                     

Leilani Marsh                   33:24                   

Edris Fellows                   36:20                    

Courtney Johnson         37:58

Autumn Tatro                 39:00

Hana Trekell                 39:00

Meridith Schepp           46:28

Jackie Garcin                 48:20


5k Run Males

Andy Brear                     23:30

Mr X                               24:27

Mike Pope                       26:11

Jermaine Stapleton         34:00


10k Run Females

Andre Schott                           45:36 

Franziska Adkins                  1:00:53

Jacqueline Rocker                 1:02:07

Cassandra Van Nieuwal          1:02:09

Brandi Laverty                        1:03:37

Kimberley Stewart                  1:05:23

Meghan  Avril                       1:09:21                                  

Stephanie Williamson             1:13:01

Jennifer Kisbaugh                    1:13:03

Jenny Stitt                               1:46:23

Melissa Shelley                       1:46:23

Dianna Gill                               1:46:25


10k Run Males    

Reece Walters                        50:11

Trey Schott                             54:13

Lee Elsey                               54:48

Jonathon Smith                       58:14

Zoe Gilman                           1:01:23

Mohan Shivasvary                  1:09:00

Ravi Londow                         1:12:16

Nils Lunberg                         1:13:00

Kavstuvhn Jeevan                 1:15: 32

Divakaran Jeevan                  1:15:32                       

Lee Foreman                        1:18:20

Dave Armentrout                 1:18:20

Ben Williamson                       DNF


Half Marathon (13.1) Marathon Females

 Miranda Fellows              1:46:52

Vanessa Williams             1:49:49

Dana Tackes                     2:09:35

Waverly Richards             2:24:55

Priscilla Paquette              2:26:05

Barbara Waldron              2:36:02


Half Marathon (13.1) Males

Reggie Douglas         1:38:37  

Vaughn Williams          1:41:05

Eric Chow                   1:53:17

Eric Walton                 1:54:59

Dan Bergstrom Noel    1:59:59

Niall Pistana                 2:01:28

Kevin Franklyn             2:18:18




St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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