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The Nevis cycle Club was formed on a whim in 1996, it had come to our attention that there was a race happening on our sister island of St Kitts, it was the Caribbean Cup Mountain Bike race series. We got a few sponsors together, had some T-shirts printed, grabbed our bikes and off we went, to battle. It was an unmitigated disaster, we had no experience or training, we got lost, injured, dehydrated, you name it, but we nearly all finished, and we had been bitten by the MTB bug.


As they say, from small acorns do big oak trees grow, everyone who was still in one piece started training, properly, preparing to travel to St Martin to engage the enemy once more, on the plane over we met up with a very profeessional looking team from another (?) island, who, upon being informed that we were going to be competng against them, fell about laughing, proclaiming that they did not know where Nevis was let alone that we had any bikers worth a lick. Imagine the delight of not only being competitive but actually bringing home a medal (3rd place veterans downhill) We had arrived!!!!


The Caribbean Cup became our reason to live and breathe, a wonderful competition that travelled throughout the region, each month a different island, different course, meeting with like minded individuals and visiting parts of the island normally hidden from view, plus getting seriously fit. In July 1997 we got the opportunity to host the event, when another island had to pull out, 60 plus riders descended on Nevis to bring their brand of entertainment to this normally quiet island. We had the great fortune to host the event here for four years before the unfortunate demise of the the series.


So, onto pastures new, encouraging the riders to take part in the St Kitts ITU Triathlon that had started in 1999, as members of relay teams, after all riding is riding, we donned slicks on our mountain bikes and went boldly into the fray, well, whaddayouknow, we had a great time and fared very well. We got hooked on triathlon, we just had to get over the very slight hurdle of not being able to swim!, not to be deterred we started training and entered the St Kitts mini-series which they had started as a build up to the ITU event. With a biking background we would emerge on mass from the water at the back of the pack, but soon managed to claw our way into contention, so that going into the run we often had the top 6 positions for team Nevis, ready for the run off to finish. We had arrived, again!!!

Cliff, Winston & Damien

The first round Nevis race

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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Kathryn Bertine's book
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