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Marceau And Kloner Take TriStar Nevis By Paul Moore


Switzerland’s Olivier Marceau and Amy Kloner from the USA beat the competition at TriStar Nevis 111 to take the top honours.


In the men’s race Marceau, who had just returned from racing Xterra in Asia, was looking in great shape and hoping to go one better than his second place in Nevis last year. He charged into the swim and was already in the lead by the first turn buoy less than 100m into the race. The 2000 ITU World Champion continued to open his lead and was well clear of the competition by the time he came into T1.

Marceau showed his bike power as continued to open his lead as he charged up the big climb on the first of three laps. Pro Kellen Hood from the USA and age grouper Chris Meewes were chasing hard in second and third. Meewes is a Cat 1 road rider who is making the switch to triathlon and was looking strong. Pro John Hirsch from New York was sat in fourth.

With each lap Marceau steadily opened up his lead as Meewes and Hood followed. Unfortunately a spectator walked out in front of Hood causing him to crash. He was taken to the local hospital and given the all clear, so returned to the race an hour later and went on to finish the race.

Hood said: “I went down hard at around 40kph and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately I hadn’t broken anything, so I had to get back and finish the race. I never want to DNF races.”

On the final lap Hirsch, who is the first to admit the bike isn’t his strong point, started to feel the sting of the hills as Brits Shaun Green and Ian Osborne passed him. He dug deep and stuck with them. Ahead, Marceau was first into T2 and went out on to the run looking strong. Meewes was next and then the group of Green, Osborne and Hirsch.

Out on the run Marceau was never challenged and took a well-deserved victory. Meewes showed he’s not just biker as he ran well to take second. Behind Hirsch showed his run prowess as he kicked away from Osborne and Green to take third.

Marceau said: “I felt good throughout the race and I am very happy to win here. Nevis is a beautiful destination and a great race with so many friendly locals.

In the women’s race it was Laurel Wassner a short course ITU racer who led the charge in the swim. Wassner, who is a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is the first cancer survivor to become a professional, was first out of the water and out on to the bike. Kloner was second a couple of minutes down.

Once on the bike Kloner, the 2007 ITU Long Course Duathlon World Champion, showed her biking abilities as she began to reel in Wassner. Eventually the TriStar Minnesota 111 winner moved into the lead and started to open a gap. By the time the girls hit T2 Kloner had a solid lead but continued to push the pace knowing that Wassner has a strong run.

Wassner came out of T2 like it was an ITU race and pushed the pace. The deficit from the bike was too much and Kloner ran to her second TriStar victory in 12 months. Wassner held strong for second with fast age grouper Janine Herweijer from Holland coming home third.

1K Swim, 100K Bike, 10K Run


1 Oliver Marceau (SUI) 3:48:26

2 Chris Meewes (USA) 3:55:29

3 John Hirsch (USA) 4:06:36

4 Ian Osborne (GBR) 4:13:47

5 Ancil Green (TRI) 4:17:16


1 Amy Kloner (USA) 4:08:01

2 Laurel Wassner (USA) 4:19:15

3 Janine Herweijer (NED) 4:46:12

4 Christine Lynch (USA) 5:05:39

5 Patricia Morris (CAN) 6:31:52 

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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