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Reggie Places Fifth In Antigua Event - By Curtis Morton

Top Nevisian Triathlete, Reggie Douglas placed fifth in the annual Tinman half iron man event held in Antigua on January 29th.

There were some eighty plus athletes at the starting line and according to Reggie, he was fifth out of the water which was a bit surprising to him based on his training prior to the event. He then enjoyed his strongest point which is the biking aspect of the event and moved into second spot.

However, he developed some serious stomach cramps during the run and due to his discomfort; he fell back in the rankings.  He noted that he had eaten a protein bar earlier that obviously did not go well with his tummy.  However, with sheer determination, he managed to do some catching up despite the pain and secured fifth spot overall.

The winner was the world renowned Benjamin Samson of France.

Reggie was pleased with his reception in Antigua. He was pleased with the manner in which he was greeted at the VC Bird airport and in the short time prior to the race, he was involved in no fewer than six radio interviews.  He used the opportunity to promote Nevis and some of the top sporting events, especially the much talked about Tri star event coming up in March.

Reggie also used the opportunity to promote an upcoming event which is being referred to as the Nevis Triathlon and Cycle Club 5K series. All races are scheduled to commence and finish on the Samuel Hunkins Drive.

The schedule is as follows:

5th—5k points series-13th May

6th—5k points series—27th May

7th---5k points series—17th June

8th---5k points series—15th July

9th—5k points series—26th August

10th—5k points series—23rd September

The big day—Fatum 10k-3k—21st October

The points to be awarded will be 5-4-3-2. All other participants will receive 1 point.

The overall male and female winners in the series will receive complimentary trips to St.Maarten in order to participate in the grand Fatum 10k event there.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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