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News 2011

DHL Nevis Half Marathon - By Curtis Morton

The historic first ever half marathon event took place on Nevis on Sunday 29th January. The event which was sponsored by DHL was hosted by the St.Kitts –Nevis Triathlon Federation, ably led by chief organizers, Winston Crooke and Greg Phillip. It was held in conjunction with the Diabetic Association. Commentator and Sports Analyst, Vernon Springer, aptly described it as a ‘four in one’ event. It featured the half marathon with athletes having to run to as far as the Vance Amory Int Airport and back; the 10k where athletes raced to the bottom of Cotton Ground and returned; the 5k run when athletes raced to the Four Seasons Resort and back and the 5k walk which involved walkers walking to the Four Seasons Resort and back.

The race started on the Samuel Hunkins drive at just a little after 7am and several of the athletes pushed out a very rapid pace.  These included two of the Nevisian local athletes in Kasha Forbes and Delvon Clarke.  Also up front but appearing calm, cool and collected was Trinidadian ace runner Curtis Cox. Delvon Clarke turned back at the 10k line while Forbes carried on.  By this time the Trinidadian was totally out of view.

Interestingly enough, also maintaining a steady pace at the head of the pack, was rising Nevisian long distance female athlete, Vanessa Williams, out of Cotton Ground. A sizeable crowd was on hand to see off the athletes and an even bigger crowd was there to cheer them in, as they made their final dash to the finish line.

The top results at the end of the day were:


Top Female--Jessica Jeffers-Nevis

Top Male--Ben Hogan -Nevis


1st Alexander Adler—USA

2nd Steevie Jones—Nevis

3rd Linda Dascemin-St.kitts

5k Males

1st Janiel Huggins-Nevis

2nd –Aaron Clevenger - USA

3rd Devon Jeffers-Nevis

10 k


1st—Monica Ceccon -Italy

2nd-Joe Starr--UK

3rd Kate Neary—USA


1st -Delvon Clarke--Nevis

2nd—Ryan Cambell -Canada

3rd Suren Konchi -USA

Half marathon


1st- Vanessa Williams -Nevis

2nd— Miranda Fellows - Nevis

3rd - Natalia Buckham - Canada


1st Curtis Cox-Trinidad and Tobago

2nd Steve Duzanson - SXM

3rd--Aubery Mc Kenzie

Special award—Gianni Brisbane—Skitts—finished 5th overall—just 15 years old.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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