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Kristina returns to Nevis in 2012, and how!!

Kristina’s finally back to Nevis ... to start the expedition of a life-time! For those who knew her, they might say she was a little bike-crazy. Riding everyday with the TNCTC and
representing St. Kitts and Nevis locally and regionally in cycling and triathlon events.

Others might remember her for her work in Youth Services with the Bikes not Bombs programs; supporting young people to engage in healthy proactive activities. Well, after she graduated with a Masters in Education she found someone just as bike-crazy and the two of them are setting out to ride a couple push bikes around the world. Yep. You got that right, that means the equivalent of riding around Nevis 10,000 times in one year. 30,000km around the world will see Kristina and Nic ride across 6 continents and through 26 different countries. When Kristina was explaining the vision to Greg Phillips, when they caught up at the Cycling Worlds in Australia, Greg Philip informed her that an around the world cycle expedition would not be complete without Nevis.
Very right. So, Nevis is the official departure and end point of the expedition. Starting and ending in one location is one of three of the main Guinness standard regulations. The pair must also cycle in one direction only and pass through two antipodal points. Once they complete the journey, Kristina has a chance to break a world record and be the fastest female to circumnavigate the world by bicycle!
If that is not enough, while they ride their bikes they will be working with global partners to create meaningful adventure learning education for students 11-14 years old. A network of organizations and schools are already signed up to be a part of the interactive online platform.
Kristina loves Nevis. And she wants to share that with the world. Along with an educational program, Nic and Kristina will also be running a documentary series during their ride. A production company will be filming and sharing key points of their journey, including Nevis!
You can find out more about their journey and the project at WorldByCycle.info.

Further information about what Kristina has been up to can be found at WorldByCycle.ismotion.info. Or just check out this two minute video:

Kristina and Nic will get to Nevis early March with a departure date of March 26th.
Before the grand take off there will an organized ride on March 24th, 2012 and a special dinner with presentation March 25th, 2012.
If you would like to find out more or how to support please contact
Mr. Winston Crooke @ SKNTF (869) 469 9682
Ms. Sandra Maynard @ Social Services (869) 469 1273 (ext) 2045
or Kristina directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Join the adventure!

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