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News 2011

TriStar Season Report by Dani Quintero

TriStar season   
29 SEP 2011, Monte Carlo/Monaco
A total of 4,000 triathletes from all over the world were the protagonists of the TriStar Series 2011 season in 9 events with 15 triathlons. Following a continuous growth in this season based on the successful format TriStar111 (1km swimming, 100km cycling and 10km running), the number of TriStar destinations will increase next year to 12 already announced. All the TriStar distances (11.1, 33.3, 55.5, 111 and 222) have been officially recognized by the ITU. Nevis, Mallorca, Worms-Germany, Madrid, Lyon, Otepää-Estonia, Minnesota, Monaco and Split hosted 15 different triathlons in 2011. Deauville, Berlin and Sardinia will join the list next year. These unique and attractive tourist destinations offer unique cycling courses greatly enjoyed by triathletes. The racing fun is guaranteed. The 111 format is ideal for athletes’ quick recovery after the competition as well. All the TriStar races could be followed online at www.TriStarLive.com.
The greatest protagonist of the Star Events season has been the Swiss triathlete Olivier Marceau with two victories (TriStar111 Mallorca and StarMile2.5 Nevis), with a second place in the TriStar111 Nevis and fourth place in the TriStar111 Estonia. Marceau has seen the TriStar podium more times than any other professional and is today the best world specialist in the 111 format.
TriStar Nevis
Australian triathlete Chris 'Macca' McCormack, the reigning World Champion, took the first victory of the season in 3:34:18 in one of the first triathlons held in 2011 in the whole world. Olivier Marceau and Wolfgang Guembel from Canada were second and third, respectively, over the 111km raced in TriStar111 Nevis, a paradise for triathletes. British athlete Emma-Kate Lidbury was the female winner, followed by Fernanda Keller and Guylyne Louis. The winners of TriStar33.3, held at the same time, were Gilles Janssen from Netherlands, and the British athlete Laura Briggs. A spectacular StarMile2.5 – open water swimming race in the middle of the Caribbean – won by Olivier Marceau, complemented the Nevis’ triathlons. www.tristar111nevis.com
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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