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News 2011

StarMile2.5 Nevis~St Kitts Cross Channel Swim -By Philippe Dutilleul

Reggae beach, St kitts. The finishers of the first Star Mile are arriving one by one cheered by their friends, family and Reggie Douglas.  What they have done to get there is huge by anyone standards : a 2.5 mile channel cross swim with strong current. 112 swimmers were there this morning at Oualie Beach ready to show they can ! Amongst them, Chris Mc Cormack, and Oiivier Marceau, a 10 year old boy Daryl Appleton from Antigua, Barry Wilson 66 year old from Switzerland. They came from all over the world, France, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Trinidad, Australia, Antigua, South Africa, St Kitts and Nevis, most of them don t know each other, but they all share the same goal : reaching Reggae Beach in St Kitts.

At 08:15 Winston Crooke gives the start and one by one the athletes jump in the ocean ready to face the unknown. For those who wants to race it is a quick start, and of course this is the case for Olivier Marceau and Chris Mc Cormack, for the others it is just the challenge of testing their swimming capacities and exceeding what they thought were their limits. 

58 minutes later, Olivier Marceau and Chris Mc Cormack are almost head to head fighting for an epic finish. Olivier Marceau will finally be the fastest of the two by only a few meters, and as a symbol of sportsmanship, Olivier Waits for Macca so they can both cross together the finish line together, showing everyone the true value of sport. As for the 10 year old boy he finished an incredible 9th overall for this open water swim. Barry Wilson also crossed the finish line with loads of cheering, as each of the 112 twelve heroes did, just to prove to themselves 'Yes they can' !


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St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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