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News 2010

My Tri Season Starts - By Reggie Douglas

On November 6th i left Nevis to participate in a triathlon in St Martin, I had not been training for this event so it was no pressure on myself to win, it was more like i was there as a ambassador for the sport, it was really nice being there to start my race season. It was a lovely event, and it was great to compete against my good friends from over there, I took 2nd in my age group and 4th overall, not bad for someone who did not train.

The weekend of the 20th November saw me at the St Kitts 2nd race of their mini Tri series it was nice being back where it all started, I still can remember the old days on the MTB, trying to catch up.

 Other members of the TNCTC, including a good number of juniors who were going over to race gathered at Oualie, we went in full force as always, as we reached the race site i felt a connection, it was a good feeling.

As the swim went off, i had planned to take it easy and see how the race developed, keeping an eye on the lead swimmers as we exited the water, the bike leg was next, Alex was out before me, i rushed up by his side and ask him if its him alone out front he answer “he dont know” i leave his side and went on the hunt, rushing over the climb it was just me. I pushed the pace...after doing 5x10min intervals in the morning i was feeling good, until i almost reach home when i got a flat so James get through the door first, he was on a team so it did not bother me, i make my way in to T2 for the run.

I was off, testing my body to see what kind of work i have to do i run hard for the first 2k then back off to a pace, i got work to do but i got time, don’t want to peak to early for April is the big day, i won the day, it made me feel good to win the first tri of our season that just mean more good things to come.

I would like to thank Winston, the Wheel World Cycle Shop and FLY for the sponsor in the upcoming mini events!!




St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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