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News 2010

TriStar expands to North America. By Andre Karsai

Pacific Sports LLC to bring high-quality TriStar races to the United States starting in 2011

Chris McCormack: “The USA, too, deserves this unique race format”

11 NOV 2010, Monte Carlo, Monaco/ Anaheim, CA, USA


Pacific Sports LLC and Star Production SARL have officially announced their exclusive partnership to bring the European triathlon series, TriStar, to North America in 2011. The TriStar Series has introduced new distances to the sport of triathlon with four events in Europe during 2010 and plans to expand to 30 (worldwide) events over the next five years. The TriStar Series is on course to be an international powerhouse in the sport of triathlon.


“Triathlon is growing as a lifestyle and sport across North America. TriStar and their unique approach bring an innovative concept to the sport that will be much appreciated by triathletes across North America.  Participants are always looking for quality events to enjoy their favourite combination of swimming, cycling and running.  We believe this will provide a format for the next generation of triathlon”, says Jack M. Caress, President & CEO, Pacific Sports LLC and General Managing Director, Star Events North America.


Pacific Sports LLC, a premier event production and sports marketing firm based in Anaheim, California, is in the process of exploring sites throughout North America to host the inaugural TriStar111 North American event. TriStar111 events measure 111km in total course distance: 1km swim, 100km bike, 10km run and follow the traditional triathlon format of swim/bike/run.


We’re excited to bring our unique quality triathlon events to North America earlier than initially planned. Pacific Sports LLC is a competent partner with a proven track record for Star Production to bring TriStar to the US”, confirms Georg Hochegger, CEO of Star Production SARL.


TriStar races are based on three core concepts: Fun, Environmental Protection, and Social Responsibility.  TriStar events promote a fun and fit atmosphere without the apprehension of intense competition. Designed for amateur athletes and supported and co-developed by professional triathletes, the TriStar Series is making triathlon more accessible than ever.


“Having raced everywhere in the world over 17 years as a professional triathlete, I have found that the common theme amongst all triathletes is the desire for a challenge in a safe and well organized environment. European races have always continued to present new formats and new challenges and TriStar has created a series of events that have exploded in popularity in Europe. The USA is the birthplace of our sport. They deserve TriStar and the challenges of the events they present! They are first class” says Chris McCormack, two-times Ironman World Champion and active member of the TriStar development team.


TriStar events make social responsibility a global priority by incorporating fundraising efforts for local charities in partnership with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong™ foundation. Pacific Sports and Star Events will work with the host cities to designate a charity that exemplifies the nature of the series.


Taking care of the earth as much as we take care of our bodies is something the TriStar111 North American event will strive to promote by a mix of tangible actions and sustainable involvement. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact such a large event can create. In our search for a site we will look for unique, destination cities that are already committed to environmental protection and will embrace the world’s first eco-friendly and charity driven sports series.


Pacific Sports and Star Events are excited to bring this revolutionary triathlon series to North America as another option in our sport. With the promise of tourism and accessibility, TriStar will create a mutually beneficial relationship between cities, athletes, and the sport of triathlon.


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