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News 2010

My World Cycling Championships - By Reggie Douglas

Before the race, it took us a very long time to get there, i tried my best to stay healthy, drinking a lot of water and doing what i can to keep relaxed.

We arrived in Australia safe and sound but the weather was not likeable for me, I hated it from i stepped out of the plane, and the time change i think did not work good with me. From we reach the guest house i did not feel to good but we went for a ride instead, it was cold and it was not good for my breathing,

On Tuesday we went to test the course it was raining and not fun i was so cold i was shaking we just manage to do one lap, and thats when it really hit me, i reach home feeling terrible....on Wednesday my system was low but i stay focused on the race but i know i lose at least 20% but i tell myself what ever i had i am going to put it all out there on Thursday.

The elite male TT kicked off at 1PM James was up first on the ramp it was so cool to watch him on TV! after i see him off i went to warm up i was going at 2 PM its the quickest 2PM i ever see..

Heading into this race me and James had the same agenda, don’t get passed by the all the guys in our group, we know we cant beat these guys but you always go into a race to win no matter who is there its part of the motivation.

Greg was in the car with Kristina to motivate James and Winston and Adrian was in a next car to motivate me, i should say he did a good job doing it..James was out on the course doing his thing, Winston come to get me it was my time...i was nervous, really i was, i was in the start house 17min before they call me up on the ramp, people take my picture while i set there one of the big guns in the UCI even take a picture with me to put in the Dutch news paper, we became good friends in Switzerland, he gave me some words of encouragement and i went to my bike on the ramp 5 4 3 2 1 i was off  with energy fly up the false flat people beating on the barriers, calling my name, it was amazing!!

IT was a tuff course but that was out of my head as i was on the course I can hear Winston shouting in my head “go! Reggie go! hard gear come on go!” i was up to speed but i can feel my body was not giving me what i want, I had two laps over a 45km course with the hills right in front of you going up to 22% plus the cold air was not helping me at all but i hang in there, hit the first climb Winston behind me “this is your territory come on kick it, get up and push” people on the side saying “push, Reggie, push” some were saying how they admire me, little youths running along on the side pushing me on it was really uplifting, but the hills did not feel like home it was painful, i was over the first one, one more to go hitting about 80k an hr going down the hill the next hill came quick.

That one was even tuffer i can  feel my lungs  something was about to come up it was not a good feeling. i was turning myself inside out i can feel it going into the second lap the climbs felt easier and the ride feel better, who tell me to say that the second climb my body was in pain all over hurts  but when you got people cheering you on you get power, i recover over the climb and i was on my way to the finish line, i had 10 more min in the saddle and i wanted to get to the line as fast as i could Winston was pushing me on i was in the last 500m the finish in sight I was out the saddle going up the false flat, the joy, the pain it becomes one.

one thing in the big world of cycling people love an under dog!!!


St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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