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News 2010

SKN Cyclists Go To Worlds

World Cycling Championships 2010, Geelong, Australia.

Reginald Douglas, James Weekes and Kathryn Bertine were signed up to take on the best cyclists in  the whole world in the final cycling event of the UCI season, the disciplines were Individual Time Trial (ITT) and Road Racing.

Getting to Australia was no easy task as the Federation had almost no funds to call upon, but as Kathryn had spent the whole year racing to prepare, and the guys had been coached by Carmichael Training Systems just for this occasion, the pressure was on to find a way to get there. Thanks to the good faith and largesse of a few individuals and companies that provided the financial assistance the goal was achieved, so special thanks have to go out to Graham and Mary Hallward, Ed Scheetz, Marti Benedict (Bio-Sport/FLY) Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Nevis Investment Promotions Agency, Hermitage Plantation, Island Hopper, The Marriott Hotel, Oualie Beach Hotel.

This was SKN's third outing to Worlds, Varese in 2008, Mendrisio in 2009, and now Geelong, the game was the same the pressure to succeeed incresing each year, however, as by far the smallest nation in attendance the likelyhood of a win is not foremost, drawing attention to cycling in the caribbean region, and highlight our islands as a tourism product definately is the drive to be there. Kathryn would be competing in both disciplines, Reggie and james just the mens TT, the Geelong Road and TT course being touted as really tough,  the team certainly had its work cut out for it.




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Kathryn Bertine's book
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