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News 2010

Youth Caribbean Cycling Championship. By Sasha Lloyd

Myself as well as my team mate, Assim Chapman were the first cyclists ever to attend this youth championships from St. Kitts and Nevis and given this opportunity was one I could not refuse. It was a long journey to get there, having to overnight twice before we arrived on the Friday. We set up our bikes and in the afternoon, we went for a cycle and checked out the time trial course.

The time trial was the Saturday and the course was flat of 6k per lap. I had to complete 2 laps but during those 2 laps, I had to push hard and cycle strong to beat all the competitors’ time. The air was dry, the sun was hot and it was very windy but that didn’t stop me. The ramp was great being my first time, I had a great start and I was the first to go which made me the first to finish. I was very happy with my performance, which led me to take home silver (2nd) for my country.

The road race was on the Sunday and I was very confident about this race. I had to complete 4 laps of 10k. The first 2 laps were very slow because no one wanted to take over lead. On the 3rd lap, I felt that the race was very boring and slow so I took over the front and set the pace and take the lead, dropping a couple of the girls. The girls that were able to hold on stayed on my wheel, leading me to do the most work. This did not bother me being my first time racing with the females; I did not know the strategies and the kind of mind games they play. This was their last year for most of the girls, and it looked like they did not want to take any chances, while I still had 2 years left. The last lap was the worst. I took the wrong way and having thought I was disqualified, I slowed down. After a while, the speaker said I was not disqualified after all, but this was too late. The other girls have already sprinted to the finish line while I came in 4th.

            This is an event, I would not forget and I will like to thank everyone who contributed to it, including my coaches, family and those who contributed money-wise.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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