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News 2010

Sasha Takes Silver In ITT, Aruba Championships.

The 5th edition of the Caribbean Jumior Cycling Championships held this past weekend in Aruba proved historical in more ways than one, this was the first time St Kitts & Nevis had represention in this division, with Assim Chapman and Sasha lloyd in attendance.

Sasha Lloyd proved to be a sensation with a stunning display of her individual speed in the time trial, placing 2nd and bringing home a silver medal for SKN, an historic achievement and huge congratulations to her. Up against a very tough field of young cyclists, Assim finished just outside the top 10 taking 11th place in his Junior male category.

The following day in the road race Sasha once again proved to be one of the top female junior cyclists in the caribbean region, taking 4th place in the road race after leading into the last turn and makiing an error that cost her a podium spot, all part of the learning process. For Assim in his road race challenge, a tube flat followed by a slow wheel change cost him valuable time and did not allow him to get back to his chasing group, with Assim haveing to settle for completing the course.

The juniors had travelled under the guidance of Reggie Douglas in a now familiar coaching role, the Cycling Federation wishes to thank the NIA for their invaluable assistance in making this trip happen, and they look forward to  2011 where more of the budding juniors will be in attendance.


St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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