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News 2010

John T Memorial Road Race in Anguilla by Sasha Lloyd.

This was mine as well as Trifon's first John T Memorial Race and I was very excited. We arrived on the Friday at the Sierna Hotel and did a quick cycle before we rested. On the Saturday, we went and watched while our other team mates Reggie and James did their best in the Time Trial and my dad, Matt in his A+ race. I was very proud on their performance but my big race was on Sunday.

Me and my team mate, Trifon woke up early around 7 o clock to eat breakfast and cycle down to the start of the race which was already half the course. This was a good warm up before the race, for I thought the race started 5 minutes after the Adults race only to find out it was reschedule in the afternoon around 4 o clock. Around 10 o clock when the Adults race started, the rain started pouring like crazy. It was cold and wet and me and Trifon had to stand up in the rain for 6 hours. By the time the race started we were shivering and were not in the mood to even do the race but it was a must!

         We did a half an hour warm up before the race, feeling a little better. The other riders were beginning to show up. They were as fresh as ever having to sit down at home resting their legs while I was tired. The guy called all the racers to the starting line. I looked around and notice, I was the only girl in the race! This was indeed motivational for I had a lot of people cheering me on. In my mind, I was thinking, all I have to do is finish the race and pace my self but that was not my only goal. Even though I was the only girl, it was a great opportunity to start with the junior males to see where I stand.

              The race started at a good pace at an incline. It was going good for me but after a good while the other racers were starting to attack and the pace was getting hot but I held on for as long as I could. After a while, most the racers were dropped and their was a break off. I started to pace my self for I was one of the first of drop off but eventually I caught some of the boys. Unfortunately, some of the males had too much pride and having been caught by a girl aggravated them. Instead of working together to catch up the others, they tried their hardest to drop me and kept on attacking but I did not give up! I kept on their wheel. Throughout the whole race, it rained which cooled me down and made the race even greater. I completed the female course of 60k and won first place. I was so proud of myself as well as my teammates and those who encouraged me when I was in doubt.

            Thanks to Greg and my dad, Matt for being the supporters who followed me and assisting me during the race in the supporting car. Thanks to Reggie for training me and James and Trifon as well. This was a great opportunity and I give thanks that I was able take it. I had a lot of fun and I hope Aruba will be just as good.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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