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News 2010

John T Memorial Road Race 2010 By Reggie Douglas

As i am writing this i can remember the first John T i did, Winston had to lift me off my bike  i was so cramped up i even cried, that race event sparked something in me, and that is i had to conquer that race.

i left Nevis with my partner in crime detwo aka James Weekes,  president of the SKN cycling federation Greg Phillip, president of the 
Nevis Cycle and Triathlon Club Matt Lloyd, Collette Weekes and two new young faces coming up in the triathlon and cycling scene 
Triion Simmons  and Sasha Lloyd.

The John T was late this year but maybe it was a good thing it gave me time to prepare good, i was ready, last year i placed 23rd and i was not pleased after placing 3rd in the OECS 2 weeks before, but this year my mind was set for a good top 10 fnish even though in the back of my mind i know it is a course for James and if he is up there i well work for him, it is just the two of us so the plan always stays the same, try to get into a break.

John T brought rain thunder and lightening, it was a wet one but my head was in the race i did not care if it was raining or not i was there to ride.
We contested in the ITT first on the saturday a 13km loop it took me 20min + good enough for 5th place but sunday was the big day about 40 to 50 cyclists, as usual the race started off with a bang, who can keep up keep up, who cant just get dropped, my goal was to stay with the front group covering the moves on our way to west end i discovered that carbon wheels do not have good brakes in wet weather that meant i had no brakes.

please dont ask me how i got around the first cone but i was in good position, James came back to the lead group on our way to Sandy Ground
as he was the first i see come back i signal to him to chill, the group went on the right but as the group was headed back over to the left riders who were coming down split the group apart  i get across just in time James did not, and that was it for him , so i just keep covering the moves. Coming out of sandy ground it was time to catch the lead group as they were just in front of us, we hit the hill hard me and my friend from Antigua  but he got a flat half way up so i keep pushing on with one man on my wheel, it was epic even though i was not in the lead group.

We catch the lead group but the attacks were coming fast i was just holding on and suffering...with FLY sport drink on my bike i knew i was good
and some good conditioning from the TrainRight program i was there to battle and so i did, i got my best placing since riding 5 years of John T 9th place not bad, i feel good.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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