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News 2010

My First Sprint Triathlon By Sasha Lloyd

My first ever experience in a triathlon was great! the St Marten Boardwalk triathlon 2010 was the first ever sprint of that distance I ever did and I thank Winston for giving me that opportunity and believing that I can finish it. I would also like to thank Reggie for training me and everyone who supported me. The day of the race, at 5am in the morning, I woke up and prepared for the race. I got my blood pumping for the race that starts for me, at 7: 30 am. At the sound of the gun, I raced into the water hoping to get a good start. It was a great swim for me, the water was excellent. Although I wasn’t a very good swimmer, my time was very good. I reached into transition at 19:35sec covering 750m being the 35th person. In transition, I quickly changed into biking. The bike was amazing, being my strongest point of the triathlon I went from the 35th person to the 13th in 42:48sec covering a 20k distance. The course was flat and quick. The run was not as great as the swim or bike, for at that point, the sun was really hot! My time was not that good on the run though. I completed the course in 35:04sec. covering a 5k distance. I was happy I finished the race for it was a big accomplishment being the youngest person in the race that completed the full course. I had a great race. My total time was 1:37min.


St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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