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My Pam American Cycling Championships 2010 - By Reggie Douglas

It was my first Pam Am Championships i was excited and ready, but when i got there things change, my bike did not reach with me, i tried to stay calm but that’s not me, I always worry about my bike. because of this I did not get to ride for two days, my bike reach by the hotel around 11 o’clock Mexican time 10 o’clock Caribbean time. I was about to go to sleep when it arrived so Winston started setting up the TT bike because the Time Trial was the first event on Saturday....

We got up early because the ladies were the first to go and it would take a good long drive to get there, Once we are there at the race site we get our trainers set up and start rolling, in my mind was ‘no rider will pass me today’ but not knowing how the altitude will play on my body. As I headed down the start ramp {wow! i am here} wait! Something is wrong, my body was just not generating any power, i try to dig but nothing was happening so i decide to just ride and maybe it will just come together. The men had to ride 39.6kms or 3 laps and it was the hardest 3 laps i ever did in my life of cycling, no joke i was spitting blood and blowing blood from my nose. I was very glad when it was over, I Did not get last, because some guys did not finish, which is good but I did not perform as i wanted to, which is bad for me, I came in 20th place.

The Road Race was on the Sunday, I was hoping things will be deferent after the TT, legs are warm body is ready but at 5 thousand feet plus my body was not ready. The road course was 11 laps to total 147km, it was a very fast race from the gun with an uphill start, i held on as long as i could but i got dropped at the second to last climb, i try to recover and get back on terms but no use the group was moving fast. i hooked up with a group of the Caribbean riders did a few more laps, but I was feeling worse and worse and I just pulled out....

It was still an amazing experience and I continue to learn, give thanks to Winston Crooke to make this trip possible and also the NIA and Mr. Alsted Pemberton.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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