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Pan Am Cycl8ing Championships - By Kathryn Bertine

Pan Am Championships: Aguascalientes, Mexico
On May 7, George and I headed down to Mexico to meet Reggie and Winston for the Pan Am Championships. The time trial event was my first of two season "peaks" (the other will be world champs in Sept), and I seem to be right on target! Two years ago, at my first Pan Am champs, I was last. I had no idea how fast the international racers were! But this year, I've made a lot of progress and I had my first top ten finish in a UCI race! I placed 10th, just 2:45 off the time of World Champion Amber Neben. A few years ago, I was 4.5 min behind her, so I am thrilled to see I'm improving against the best in the world. A big milestone for me and a great milestone for St. Kitts and Nevis cycling...we are putting our federation on the map, and getting that much closer to an Olympic berth. My competitors at Pan Ams were the top representatives of every North/Central and South American nation from Canada to Argentina. Columbia, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba prove to be strong competitors... but St. Kitts and Nevis is getting stronger every day! Many thanks to Winston Crooke and the SKN gov't for making it all happen. Can't wait for the 2011/2012 race calendar, when the quest for Olympic points begins. Next up is the Liberty Classic in Philadelphia and the SKN National Champs in June. See you soon in Nevis!
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