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News 2010

Tucson - The Final Day, By James Weekes

After a great nights sleep we,(Reggie and I) with great anticipation were looking forward to going to the Carmichael training facility to do our bike fit and lactic threshold (L.T) test. The bike fit test involved a number of test and examinations including seat height and current cadence and power at that given height then adjustments would be made to the seat, handlebar and pedals to achieve the best cadence and most power with that setting. Comfort was also taken into consideration as this would affect a rider on a long ride.

We also did the L.T test. This involved riding a stationary computerize bike connected to a monitor which would display valuable data like watts, cadence elapse time etc. Now the objective was to pedal this bike and keep our cadence above 90rpm for a possibly 46 minutes. During this time blood samples were taken from us every 2 minutes. As the procedure went on, keeping our cadence at or above 90rpm became more and more of a struggle. Often enough we were shown a chart with numbers that would explain our current feeling e.g 1 very light, 2 being light, and going up to maximum effort.
After these tests we were given print outs of our watts and bar chart to show our lactic threshold (L.T). Jay who is our coach would then use this information to create effective and efficient training programs to get us ready for upcoming races namely The World Championships.

It has been a great experience and we have definitely benefited from it in a big way. We want to thank Graham and Mary Hallward for creating this opportunity for us, Kathryn/George and all the Tucson possee for looking after us so well, and the NIA for their invaluable assistance
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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