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My 7th Nevis Cross Channel Race. By Paula Price

My 7th Nevis Cross Channel Race – Another Amazing Adventure

The 8th annual Bente Weber Nevis to St. Kitt’s Cross Channel Swim was another amazing event. This was my 7th time completing the swim – and for someone who used to be afraid of what lurked down in the deep, I feel both very privileged and proud to be part of the ever growing group of amazing people volunteering and participating in this annual event.

Over the past seven years, each race has created a new challenge and incredible feeling of accomplishment.  I cannot thank Winston, Reggie and the volunteers enough for their support – without which this awesome experience would never have been possible. The morning of the swim I could see Reggie take off early from Oualie Beach to position the buoys in the channel. This was a fantastic new addition to the race venue – it really helped keep the swimmers and kayakers on track.

As the 2010 race date approached, I really wasn’t sure I would swim it this year. The last time I had swum 2.4miles was in my first Ironman race in Louisville Kentucky August 2009. Due to a number of reasons following the Ironman race, I had only swum a handful of times since then before the 2010 cross channel race. Once I returned to Nevis again this February and started to swim in the ocean, it became crystal clear to me (just like the crystal clear waters in the Caribbean sea) – the ability to participate in the race is a gift. So, I decided that as long as I am able to physically swim, then I will want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to swim from one island to another without having to do 168 flip turns in the 25 meter pool or make 42 turns around the buoy markers in Oualie Bay. I know that the salt water provides the added buoyancy to make the swim a little easier and the crystal clear water is like watching a never ending wide screen show of life under the sea. As I entered the water for the race for the seventh time this year, I wanted to really appreciate the experience from beginning to end. As I swam in the near perfect conditions this year, I began to reflect on and appreciate the incredible opportunity I have had over the years. I am truly in awe thinking about what an amazing experience it is to be able to safely swim from one island to another. While it was hard to have to pick just one highlight of each race – I eventually captured a highlight for each race below.

2004 - One – was like a dream come true (I actually made it!)

2005 - Two – enjoying the day

2006 - Three – thrill to make it in less than 2 hours

2007 - Four – meeting new friends along the way

2008 - Five – surviving the washing machine 5 foot waves and loving it

2009 - Six – supporting & sharing the experience with a first timer

2010 - Seven – thankful to complete again, and look forward to next year!!

Bente Weber would be so proud of all 99 swimmers this year too.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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