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News 2010

Cycling Combines Academics and Athletics

National Cycling Champion Reggie Douglas started his Newcastle Youth Development Squad 2 years ago with the intention of helping interested youngsters to develop their abilities as cyclists here on Nevis. A strong component of the program is a focus on the youths education, and as well as encouraging them in their school studies, where Reggie saw a shortfall he found extra tutors for them after school. One of his first successes is Assim Chapman, an up and coming rider who is already challenging the seniors, Assim has been receiving assistance from Leslie Armentrout and Andrea Kay over the last 18 months and he has shown a remarkable improvement that mirrors his success on the bike. Reggie said “I want to send a big thanks to all the tutors, especially Leslie who started the whole program, and Andrea who stepped up in a big way when Leslie went home, they are all amazing”

Reggie recently expanded this program with the addition of two more tutors, coming on board will be Mary Humphries and Paula Flemming, their addition will ensure that more youths can benefit. SKN Cycling Federation President Greg Phillip commented “I am very pleased with this kind of development, as we have always been interested in our junior rider’s academic as well as athletic achievements”

 Reggie’s young squad of cyclists are currently in preparation for the 3rd Annual ‘Major Taylor Honor Day’ cycle race weekend that is happening on the 27th/28th February, young athletes from Anguilla, St Martin, St Vincent and Antigua are scheduled to compete during this exciting weekend event.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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