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News 2009

Cycling Worlds - 4th Race day - Women Road Race 124km

Up at 6.00 sharp, the team breakfasted and loaded themselves into the cars, it was a miserable start for the day, a light rain making the day a cold one and not boding well for Kathryn and Monica’s upcoming challenge.

Once we had established a base of operations, a car park on the race course, Reggie set up the trainers for the warm up, the women went over to the podium to sign in, the rest of the team saw to the needs of our two heroines of the day. It was a very businesslike affair lightened mainly by the many fond greetings the team was met with as they prepared for the race ahead.

Kathryn and Monica were lined up amongst the many nations present, 127 riders all told, the course was very tough and the competition tougher, the referee started the countdown and they were off, the riders setting a furious pace from the gun, preceded by the police bikes and followed by the numerous support vehicles, a grand spectacle indeed.

Of the 127 starters only 56 actually finished the entire race, our two intrepid athletes amongst the athletes who had to retire from the race, they did their very best and we can only be proud of them for that, team SKN were competing with the very best in the world.

Post race highlights was seeing a 1/3rd page report in Gazetta Dello Sport, with pictures and a map to show the location of our home country, 5 million readers were able to share our story and learn a little bit more about the little island nation that was in their midst. The rest of the day was spent being asked for autographs, posing for photos and answering the many questions asked about St Kitts & Nevis.
Whilst Reggie was out riding he happened upon the mens pro team Saxo Bank who asked him to join them on their training ride, enquiring if they had seen his picture in the paper that day.

This whole experience has been made possible by our wonderful host family the Petroboni's and by our sponsor Bio-Sport/FLY, all of us on the team cannot thank them enough for all they have done and are still doing for us, thanks again!!


St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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Kathryn Bertine's book
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