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News 2009

Cycling Worlds - 3rd Day - Rest day (?)

Mendrisio – Switzerland

Both the womens and the mens individual TT’s were now over, and the final results in no way demonstrate the success of our being here, the girls were now in serious rest and preparation mode for their road race on Saturday, and the guys were chilling out after their exploits.

It was now supposed to be a day of rest for everyone, it was decided to do a 1 ½ hour ride for the team to ease the muscles and keep the blood flowing, but before we could leave we received a phone call at (Hotel) Petroboni, a journalist from French magazine ‘Le Temps’ (www.letemps.ch) had tracked us down and wanted an interview.

She was very interested in how such a small Nation was making its presence felt at such a huge tournament, and questioned the athletes and our host Oscar for more than half an hour, it was a very cosy affair sitting around the dining room table familiarizing her with the cycling goings on in St Kitts & Nevis.

Finally we get out on to the road and no sooner were we on the main road when the various other riders, passers by, policemen, etc etc were greeting us with fond hellos and calling out “Allez! Allez! St kitts Nevis” it was wonderful. This continued almost unabated for the duration of the ride, with stops for requested photos with other riders or spectators, James commented “I have never been asked for my photograph so often” Reggie was being treated like a top pro celebrity, whilst Kathryn was being followed by very keen and amorous cyclists on route.

Alas the weather took a turn for the worst so we headed back to Chez Petroboni to avoid the rain, along the way another cyclist, a James Weekes fan, asked if he could follow us home so that he could take photos with all of us, we of course obliged, it was amazing.

No sooner had we arrived when Kyle informed us that a journalist from ‘La Gazzetta Dello Sport’ had called and was on his way to meet us at the house, Monica excitedly informed us that this was the No.1 sport journal in all of Italy, our showers were delayed so we could remain in uniform.
This interviewer was also keen to find out all about us, from our humble beginnings right up to present day, with numerous questioned asked of everyone, one hour later we all finally got to hit the showers and relax.

Rest day? I think not, it was yet another incredible day for the team, the big day for the women was fast approaching, bikes other equipment were checked and loaded ready for an early start, their race is due to begin at 9.30am.

We wish them all the best for tomorrow’s adventure.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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