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News 2009

Cycling Worlds - 2nd Race day - Mens IND.TT

The SKN team awoke to another glorious day here in the pre-Alps, the guys were due to take the stage for absolutely the biggest race of their sporting careers, they were joining the best time trailers in the world, what a fantastic experience for our two guys from little Nevis.

It cannot be stated how grateful we are to Oscar Petroboni and his wonderful family, wife Kelly and children Kyle and Shawn, their extraordinary level of assistance and friendliness has made all that is happening here possible, and we truly cannot thank them enough, but we will try!

Today was the day the boys took on the world, James Weekes was given the special role of being first rider to start the days events, so we took the chance to hand out a simple bio to all the press people, so they would have something to comment about. The reception for all of us here has been outstanding from the get go, but on this day the spectators outdid themselves, chanting our countries name “Go St Kits Nevis, Go!!!”  Prior to the start when warming up on the trainer in the tent, press interviews were being given both on TV and radio, whilst numerous other people were asking who we were, and could they order one of our uniforms, even a bunch of visiting school kids asked to have their photos taken with Reggie and James.

We had not entered this tournament with any illusions, the guys were going to do their very best come what may, suffering to the maximum, and receiving the loudest applause and cheers from the thousands of spectators lining the arduous route, they were attempting the impossible, and their efforts were appreciated.

Canadian Cycling News noted that “whilst Alexander Vinokourov, returning after his ban for doping, was roundly booed on the hill, the athletes from St Kitts & Nevis received the loudest support”

James Weekes commented that “On the way up the hill the sound was deafening”

Many, Many photos were taken, both guys getting wonderful TV coverage, impressive slow-mo shots that highlighted the effort they were making, it was absolutely incredible!!

Later that evening after they had recovered and celebrated with Italian Pizza in Como across the border, we watched the main Swiss news channel which had a 2 minute feature on The St Kitts & Nevis team, seen by 7.5 million people!!!, a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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