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News 2009

Race News from afar

Hey everyone, I love the occasional reminders about what is going on with the club and with Reggie.  I figured I would give you a quick update with where I am in my career and in my continued Triathlon adventures.  I participated in the National Duathlon Championships in Richmond where although I couldn't compete with the very talented field, I did beat my PR and continued to improve with a 46 min 10K and 1:15 bike.  There were 1200 participants, which made for a very crowded condition, but it prepared me for the races that I will have to compete in here in the States.  Thank God I had some experience from you guys, or I would have been lost.  I continued to train while I continued to study for my big exam, that I took on June 3rd.  I'm still waiting for my scores that will determine what I do after medical school.

After taking my test, I headed up to New York for the Northeast Regional Triathlon Championship, where battling frigid water conditions, I continued to improve my time.  I was able to finish the Olympic Distance in 2:46, which is a full 10 minutes faster then the time I turned in on Nevis back in March.  I was extremely happy with the time, especially since I didn't regain feeling in my legs until well into the run portion.  The water was barely 60 degrees Fahrenheit... which was by far the coldest water I have ever spent 30 minutes in!  I managed not to drown and I was able to transition to the bike, and it was all smooth sailing from there.  I have continued to improve on my bike, and I look forward to my next triathlon/race sometime in the near future.

I have officially started my clinical rotations in Houma, Louisiana, where I have continued to find time to train, but I am still looking for a bike club in the area.  I have a feeling I will never find a bike/triathlon club quite like yours on Nevis.  I miss the weekend triathlon series and the other fun events.  I wish you and the club well, and I'll continue to check in.  Also if you get a chance can you update the Jersey situation, I have nearly worn through my other Jersey since I wear it every time I go biking... Please let me know.

Matthew Factor

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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