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News 2009

10th annual John T Memorial Road Race 2009

First off let me say congrats to everybody who took part with Team Nevis at the John T memorial road race, as for me my race did not go as i had planned, after coming off of a fabulous race in St Luca i had in the back
of my head i will do good there.

The race was fast and hard at the same time, there was attack after attack and i was still there, up until we made the second turn, i made the same mistake as last year getting caught up at the back going into the turn, i try and i try to get back but it was no use, once you are going in to the wind and attacks are going off the front, and there is a gap, you can call your race goodbye. So i just soldier on and finish the race.

Monica on the other hand had a great race she was in the group i missed and although they try to drop her they could not, i am sure at the end of the race her average speed was 26 to 30mph because when that group pass me going the other way they were flying, anyway congrats to her....

Also congrats to Assim & Gerard for finishing their races! they raced with heart! Even though the level of competition was way above what they were used to.
Congrats to James, Matt and Steve.

All i know there is a next time & i am not giving up on that race, Next time John T.
Ras Genasis.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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