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News 2009

OECS Championship Road Bike Race 2009

Well what can i say, i went to St. Lucia to Compete in the OECS Championship with one thing on my mind To Win.

The race course was amazing and the stage was set for an epic race, the team consisted of three female two males, knowing Monica can't climb to well i tell her just get over the first climb, she say she don't know but she will try, she was sick the night before, James was there he already know what he have to do, Kathryn keep her self in reserve which was good  Monica got dropped on the second climb, then there was an attack off the front i take a look Kathryn was not there, when we came off the down hill i look back James was there Kathryn was just about to hook up, Monica was coming up hard and fast, Monica was back in, so James went up ahead to start the chase, Monica moved forward to help.

The pace was about 25mph heading into the wind  from Monica hit the front it was up to 31mph James feeding off the pace and keeping it high, myself and Kathryn just in the sofa seat, they caught the group of two, bam! a next attack went, Antigua went, it was just one guy, i went to the front to chase Monica came up shouting at me to get off the front so i went back and the chase was on again with James and Monica at the front chasing Grenada helping St. Vincent, the gap was coming down.

Heading back to the hills i know Monica and James will get dropped they did a great job in the first half of the race. Kathryn stayed with the group my legs was in pain but you have to no how to suffer, i get over the climbs Kathryn was just settling in, St. Lucia finally start to work.

James and Monica and was back in the mix and Kathryn she had get dropped too but they were back. heading back to the second turn around going up the first climb of the start i saw the leader i head to the front and close him down  but there was still a small gap he attack again nobody respond he was off again from these attacks my lieutenants drop out leaving just me and Kathryn.

We turn and Grenada had a crash, he got back in, the pace was up and we were flying, i went to the front i turn it up because nobody want to work, the group bridged the gap i went again, i had a gap, but again they close it down.
Kathryn came up and tell me to get at the back and that i did, she started to control the front, we are back on the flat Grenada pick the pace up again it was hot, the lone rider was in sight, we approach the climb, i move up in the group on the out side the pace drop as we head up the climb i rolled out hard look back there was a gap, i put on the pressure i bridged to the lone rider.

He attacked again i had nothing to go with him i stay calm thing wate for the grope or just keep rolling, I keep rolling St. Lucia rolled up and say “lets go” i look back it was just him my spirit was lifted even more we caught the lone leader we start working together, at the back Kathryn was at the back blocking which mean slowing down the pace, we managed to hold off the group for a sprint finish between the three of us, I managed to get third...

I had made a few mistakes in that sprint and i will learn from that.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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