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Tobago Triathlon 2009

Tobago was the place to be, where all most all the top triathletes from the Caribbean meet.. it was an awesome race, to race with Jason Wilson was a good experience as he is the top Junior athlete in the Caribbean.

The race started when event organizer Jason Gooding called to the front all of the top guns in their respective order, we are all friends but the game face was on, the other competitors then joined us on the front line.

It was a mass start, 100 plus athletes all racing to get to the first buoy, i was going good, i had a good run out to the buoy despite drinking some water then could not breathe properly and I was still swimming as hard as i could until i decide i have to stop and get it back together. I still managed a 27min swim, which was a personal best; if i hadn't had to stop i think i would have done even better in that swim.

Coming out of the water calculating what i got to do, and it come to one thing, ride hard but i just was not feeling as good as i was in Grenada, after passing my main rivals i still did not feel good but i was still moving through the field.
I had just one man i could not catch and that was Jason, he was a lap ahead of me and it broke me mentally, Winston was trying to get me going, but seeing how the race was developing, I would like to say in this report i am sorry to yell back at him.
i was second off the bike on to the run felt the same just did not feel like Grenada will i guest every race is not the same the run was out on the bike course and it was tuff but still managed to pull off the second fastest run even thou it was much longer than 10k..

But all and all it was a good race, i would like to thank Winston Crooke & the NIA for supporting the team, and to all the fans who supporting the Nevis Cycle & Triathlon Club.


AKA Ras Genasis

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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