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Grenada Triathlon 2009

Well it was an awesome race at the Grenada Triathlon, I reach there relaxed and met James at the guest house, it was good to be racing with him on another Island, i told him we will take everything when we were talking on-line, he was at the airport at the time, so the goal was set. We talk about it some more when we meet, it was great to see my tri friends, also and making new ones.

Anyway lets get to the race, everything was located in St.Georges the main town, it was a two lap swim course in the harbor, an 8 lap bike course with one climb at the end of the turn around and a 4 lap run on a 2.5km lap which was part of the bike course... it was a water start, and we were off, i started with the faster swimmers until the  first marker then they start to edge away from me, but i was cool just keeping my pace, my problem is i don't kick and if I kick i lose my form.

My friend from Martinique came out of the water 4min 39sec a head of me that is a lot of time, Ancil was like 3min and change so overall lets just say i came out of the water 4th, i climb up the steps and head to transition and i was on my bike, well not my bike my bosses here in SXM, heading to the first turn i see where the guys were it was like 'wow" that is a lot of time, at the same time it was like “Reggie what the hell you thinking come on push the bike” so i block the time out and just look at the distance each time we all pass each other, all of this thinking was when i was going to the second turn to go back for the first lap.

I started to stamp my authority on that bike course i and no time to smile thats how focused i was, boy i was flying on that bike. I caught Ancil  and passed him  it was like “ok one more to go” as i drew closer to Emmanuel  he shake his head and i just laughed, as we passed each other at the turn i was still behind him but not by far, as we approach the mass of on lookers i pass him, did not even look at him i was gone.
Lo and behold on the 6th lap i got a flat, damn i was vexed, i wanted to do 59min on the course, it took them guys a long time to pass me back, i was going to stop but i roll on to the top of the hill while i make up my mind, the guys pass i just watch as i ride the flat.

I stay cool, i tell my self i will ride on till i get close to transition and walk the rest and get james wheel, if it was a draft legal race i would have stopped, as i get close to transition i see a friend of mine on his bike i ask him for his wheel, i change over and i was off, it did not matter if i came last at that point, Emmanuel was way a head Ancil too and other riders, i had two more laps i get the bike up to speed, hmmm still feeling good, going back to end the last lap to transition i see Ancil going in, i was in 3rd place.

On to the run, i tell my self i will try and catch Ancil, i am sure Ancil had 2min on me and Emmanuel had 6, i run and i run, look at the gap each time we pass each other caught Ancil on the second turn going back to transition, to complete the first lap my form was good i was running well, i pass him and i leave him did not even look back
the energy start to flow in my body, i am still in the game and trust me it was a hot running game, every water station i take water to cool me down, my FLY in my right hand to keep me going, I was running good the crowd was shouting my name the rastamen on the side was shouting go ras! go! ras go! Emmanuel was getting closer and closer.

James was giving me the splits, with two laps to go it was 1min, as we head back James give me a next split it was 45 seconds, I thought WOW! he is moving slower than me, going back to turn one he was not far, i tell my self by the time we reach back to transition i well be up under him, so said so done, on the run there was a small climb James tell me to attack him there, i shake my head i wanted to drop him any where i can i felt good but he hang on he must have been thinking he will stay with me and leave it for a sprint, he got to be kidding!, we reach the hill and i attack, he did not even respond, there was a short down hill on the other side going to the turn, i keep my speed, going back up i pick the pace up more he was not coming back, the pace was hot going back to the finish, the only time i look back is when i cross that line.

AKA Ras Genasis

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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