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News 2009

Grenada International Triathlon 2009

It was a fabulous day for racing in Grenada 3rd of May, 2009 when James and Reggie lined up against some 62 athletes .Minutes before the start of the race each athlete was guilty of checking out each competitor and sizing them up to kind a guess what the competition will be like.

By now everyone knew that Nevis was in the house and that we are taking no prisoners’ .As both Reggie and James put on their race faces and focus on the task at hand it was time to race.
The gun went off and all athletes were splashing and pushing like baby turtles anxious to get into the deep blue sea. Reggie was dissecting the Olympic racers while James was drawing blood from the sprint. James was out the water somewhere at the back end of the sprint athlete due to a weak swim from an injured shoulder but none the less for him the race was just beginning as he rush through transition and was off on the bike leg where he stamped down his authority and showing racers and spectators raw speed as he dominated and destroyed the field leaving everyone minutes behind.
By this time Reggie was now out on the bike course and doubling the damage created earlier by his team  mate, by the time James enter transition and set out on the run there was no one in view to chase him so it was safe to say he had this one under his belt. Reggie on the other hand had a battle going on as if that was not enough he also got a flat tire but being the fierce competitor he is that was just a speed bump, as he quickly recovered and forged ahead . James had now created a huge gap between him and the second place during the bike leg so he just kept that lead and finished with grand style to take the overall win for the sprint.
Reggie manage to pull back some time on the home stretch his and out ran his rivals and finished with a well deserved first place for the Olympic.
In short we went we saw and we conquered, Team Nevis once more have proven “we will not go quietly onto the night”.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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