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Anguilla Road Bike Race 28th April 2009

Round #2 was on Sunday 28th a cycling race on Anguilla, my Team manager called me at 6am to catch the boat at 8.00, i felt like i needed more rest i was just laying there in bed I  don't want to move, finally i move i put my feet on the ground, it was painful, i had ice my whole body down that night but it seem like it did not work, boy the pain, i limp to the kitchen to get some thing to eat; had some raisin bran while my pasta was on the fire. I limp around thinking i cant race.

I reach over on the other side of SXM, Bounce meet me, i tell him don't expect anything from me, he ask why? i say why? my legs are in pain man. The race started at around 11am i was riding A+, this class did 67km Seniors did 100km, overall riders was about 50 or more, so if you added Juniors and Females i will say 100 cyclists.

Ok this is how it went down, Oh my Drink of choice was FLY....the race start with Senior and A+ it was fast, fast, fast, the race take us down to West End and back to Sandy Ground and back to East End, we had a guy from Jamaica riding for us in the senior, the attack was fast and hard going down to west end you had the main pack and groups inbetween, i look ahead i saw my team mate from JA trying to catch the front group and no one helping him, i was thinking i have my own battle to deal with the A+ contenders. I say to hell with it i am going to help him, i move forward pulling the main pack, i caught him and tell him to hold on, i bring the gap down and the attacks started, everybody trying to get across to the leaders i look at him and say go for it.

He make the move and get across i drop at the back to recover still keeping my eye on the a+ contenders, i say to my self hmm i feel good its not so bad, by then the whole group was together, on our way over to Sandy Ground it as a long drag it was attack, attack, i was still in the game, i here whispers in the field, “boy Reggie is riding good”, i move back up front to help JA out, i tell him just hold on keeping him safe in the field a group of 4 attack on Sandy Ground hill, i follow;
Its the best i ever felt on that hill, i hope in the John T i feel the same ha ha ha!

Going back to East End the group caught back up, its the same attack, attack, we reach back to where we started and one guy attack on a small climb, when we hit the corner he was on the side throwing up, we still going up, up, up, i attack, no one follows i was on my own, a+ had one more loop to do i went in my TT position it was painful but i was moving fast it was a classy piece of riding. The group caught me at 500m to go, they attack i am there, they attack again, i am there, i wanted to win, as we head up a climb my captain came up and say we are the only two for a+ and he ask me to give him the win i think hmmm, OK take it, when we look there was another guy there in the a+ class at this point we were still climbing.

I attack with 100m to go the guy was dropped, my captain was on my wheel, i pull off, he take the win.
i i took second.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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