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News 2009

My Mighty Adventure Race

Well this weekend was a lovely weekend, Saturday I did the Jam-Dam raid, it was like an adventure race a combination of running and walking what they call it over here is trekking, then swim then more trekking, then biking and kayaking, and to finish it off more biking, the overall distance was 66km, I was teamed up with the amazing Fritz Bus.

Ok, this is how it went down, they had 22 teams some walked to the start some ran to warm up, before we started Fritz tell me he is a slow starter, but i was not worried about that he won the race 6 time before so to me i was there to learn and to push the pace were i can.
The race started on the French side in Grand Case we ran on a long beach my self and Fritz and two French guys who were a team and one other guy but he was doing it by himself,

We reached the swim site i had my sock to put on so i swam as fast as i could so when Fritz reach i am ready
ok he is out and i am ready to go we start to run again it take the two French guys to catch us up by then it was clear to me who the contenders are, we start to hike over to the coast line were we meet a coral beach the two French guys pick up the pace we were skipping from rock to rock i was there with them but when i look back Fritz was walking so i ease back my pace and let the two go.

Fritz catch but we still had the two in front of us but not by far, Fritz had banana and energy drink the other two just had water, the Rocky beach take to Orient bay this time we were on sand. we reach up to the main road went across up a trail taking us to Pic Paradis, boy it was a long hill, it take us in the jungle from what i see i start look at SXM differently it was beautiful, anyway we caught the two going up the long hill i take a look at one and i tell Fritz he is dead. At this point we were walking Fritz look back we drop one Fritz push the pace and force the other guy to stop and wait for his team mate.

We walk as fast we can because at this point we cant run we had to watch our step, climbing over big rocks, ha ha! i love it, reach on top take a look at SXM the view wow! ok that is enough sight seeing, we even reach where they do the cable gliding in the trees, awesome! got to go back there and do that. Ok by now we were way ahead, reaching back at the police station we get on our bikes and we were off, now this is where i take over full control i set a hot pace i was determined no one will come forward to us, riding across sand and trails sweeeet! The most scary thing happen, we were riding on a narrow trail with a hole on one side, Fritz shout out and by the time i look back Fritz was in the hole and this hole was deep, i rushed back to help him out,

He was ok i ask him a few more times before we start he was like, lets go, lets go, lets go! i clearly see this man was driven, we reach by the kayak site at Picanta beach and we head to the French side and back, it was far and hard because of the wind but we set a good pace, on the way back we can see were the other competitors are, back on the bike again with me in front pushing the pace on the main road heading to the French side hit the trail going to Friars Bay back across the sand then back on trails again, then home to win....only the fastest and the fittest can survive, i did it and i survived.

Bus/Douglas 5.41.40 #1
Quetta/piscion 6.04.28 #2
Levot/Doranges 6.12.24#3

B/D 2.50.43 #1
Le/Dor 2.57.20 #2
Q/P 3.11.39 #3

B/D 5.27 #2
L/D 5.24 #1
Q/P 5.49

B/D 47.30 #1
L/D 52.45 #4
Q/P 50.35 #3

Q/P 1.56.25#1
B/D 1.58.00 #2
L/Do 2.16.55 #4

Ras Genasis.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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