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News 2009

Cycle Racing Returns to the Nevis Horse Track

The Easter celebrations continued with an invitation from the Nevis Turf & Jockey Club to the members of TNCTC to bring cycling back to the horse tack as an entertaining sideshow to the main event, not since 2000 have the cyclists had this opportunity to perform in front of the Nevis public, and they welcomed the challenge.

Things have moved on since those early days, with the up and coming young talent of the island taking centre stage, they are the product of the ongoing youth program operated by the club.

The format was simple, after each horse race the cyclists would take to the track for three events, two qualifiers and a final, with the top three in each race going through to the final plus the two fastest losers, and the crowd responded with enthusiasm as the first set of athletes took to the track.

The first race was the 11 to 12 yr olds who were ready to go as they lined up at the start, with the course taking them the reverse way around the track. This was followed by the 13 and over plus adults, which matched the old guard against the new and much younger cyclists, it was very evident that the crowd was really appreciative of the efforts being made by the athletes in front of them, with all the riders receiving cheers and applause.

The final race saw dominant performances in both age groups with 13 yr old Assim Chapman taking 1st place overall with ease, and Dorez Daniiel, who not only won his 11/12 age group but placed 2nd overall, a wonderful performance for this novice rider.  Congratulations to all the youngsters who took part and thanks to the Turf & Jockey Club for extending the invitation.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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