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News 2009

St Martin 2 stage road race 5th April

Let me start by saying i am having fun again with training and racing, on April 5th saw at lest 40+ riders male and female. The First race was in the morning and was a 16mile hill stage, the attacks were fast from the word go, the asphalt took the first victim in less than 5min into the race it was a Coors Light Team member.

Every one reach the first hill together it was Sucker Garden hill and it was not easy, the first race i did when came to SXM i got dropped in the first climb; i was in a bad position and got boxed in. So this time i tell my self i am going to ride close to the front my team mate came forward and set a tempo witch was good for me as the climb got steeper the attacks started, a select group got away and i was in it, i felt good.

But on the second climb it was a killer, Mount William, i tell you that hill was about 14 to 15 percent grade, i got dropped but did not panic, my team mate Papie was not far behind, he caught me and another rider on the flat with a group of 6 riders we caught them and Papie told me to relax, we approach the hills again it was attack after attack on the first climb i hold on for dear life and suffer, my plan was to attack on the final climb but just did not have enough to do it, i got dropped again but not by far, but this time i had nobody to pull me up to the group, so I had to suffer and it was a good suffer i almost caught them up but as the group approached the final bend two of the guys who were riding A+ with me attacked i closed the gap and managed to get 3rd, i was very pleased with my ride, i was aggressive.

Round two, after a good nap and some pasta we ride back over to the race site for a 3.00pm start, it was flat and fast A+ 10 laps senior 13 laps. I am also pleased with this race as i was not afraid to attack, two riders attacked off the front but nobody wanted to chase, my team mate Papie is a good sprinter so the main objective was to chase down anything that went, i felt good so i started the chase, i pull for a good 2min, the gap was just 30sec but i could not close it by myself so i pulled off to see what was happening at the back, and to see what was going on, Papie got a flat the attacks started as soon as i pulled off, i go the signal to keep riding so i follow the attacks.

Even though the pace dropped from 34mph we were still moving fast, at no time did we drop below 20mph. On the second lap moving at top speed i attacked hard and only one rider followed me, the two riders who had escaped were still not to far ahead, i was determined to get across asking the other guy to help, he started to help but his manager tell him not to work, so i did all the work and manage to put 2min on the group. my form was good but still need some work, i managed to pull off a 4th place in this race and i am pleased. how i raced these two races a lot of riders are watching me now and i like that, i put fear in there hearts.

Kristina who came down for the event to get some high end speed and race against some other females, did really well but she was nervous after the saw the first crash, who would’nt be, Kristina managed to pull off a 3rd place in the first race. in the second race Kristina came 2nd, hills in the morning and flat in the afternoon that is really good for some one who had never done two races in the same day, and i mean hard races, congratulations to her.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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