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News 2009

St Martin Road Race 21st March

As my travels bring me back to St Martin road racing is the scene here, so i have inked up with a team here called MO-Trouble.

Sunday’s race was awesome, the roads were full with spectators if my eyes were not deceiving me I am sure i saw about 1000 people or more, just there to watch the race, 42 bikers took to the start line it was like being in the Tour de France, the race course consisted of 80km.

At 9.15 we were off, the pack was just fast from the gun, and when i look at my clock for the first 200m we were already going 30mph, we did two laps around the pond fill then went over some hills. I started working my way to the front before the hills, but i got boxed in, i worked my way out and the group was still in sight so i tried to close the gap, but they were over the top down the back side and up the next climb, boy they gone!.

So after getting over the climbs and back on the flat we had 10 more laps around the pond fill to do, so i waited for a select group  behind me and luckily my team mate was in it, good he make it over the climb not to far back. We start to chase hard, the front group was just ahead we could see them on the straights but nobody wanted to work they just want to get across by themselves, they just keep attacking and getting nowhere so my team mate told me to stop working.

Even though the lead group took the top ten i was pleased to be in the top 20 for my first big road race, i think i was about 15th or so.


St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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