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News 2009

An Angel in Spandex

This week was very special for the young riders of st Kitts & Nevis as the first batch of donated cycling goods arrived on our shores, bikes and wheels, helmets and spare parts, all donated by riders in the USA to assist with the devlepment of thefederations up and comng young cyclists. This is only a part of the goodies being shipped down here from abroad, packages are also being sent independantly by citizens directly to us, all of this goodheartedness coming courtesy of our very own adopted 'Angel' Kathryn Bertine.

Despite her busy schedule kathryn has found the time to co-ordinate this appeal and the collection and shipping of over 200lbs of materials, and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts, because of her, St Kitts & Nevis has touched the lives of many people who might never have heard of our tiny federation. From the ESPN sponsored journey to the Beijing Olympics chronicled on the ESPN E-Ticket column, to the Cycling World Championships in Varese, Kathryn has been a real trooper and total team player, flying our flag in never before reached places and paving the way for our female cyclists and the federation as a whole.

This coming weekend 4 youngsters who have taken an interest in our sport will be able to compete at home on Nevis against visiting competition and they will be able to do it on equipment that is not sub standard or make-do, and we wish to thank all of the contributors and donors and most of all we wish to thank Kathryn our "Angel in spandex"

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


Kathryn Bertine's book
Kathryn Bertine's book
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