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News 2008

Janine takes on Track Cycling


Today is was my day on the Dutch Track Cycling Championship. I participated on the individual pursuit 3km. It was a great experience. Gilles was coaching me. Many triathlon friends came to support me en even my sister with her husband and children was there. When I was riding my 12 laps my supporters were cheering very loud, which was encouraging. Without specific training I finished 8th in 4:08.627minutes..


Tonight we had a free training. So there was no schedule. The was a bit unorganized, because they were setting up everything for the National Championship on 27/28/29/30 december. The light went of twice, which was quite scaring. But finally a rode about 75minutes.


Today was the second time I could practice an individual pursuit. This time I was prepared better, I think. I had installed another handle bar that was 2cm lower than the clip-on bars I had three weeks ago. I prepared my Zipp Disc rear wheel and my Zipp 808 front wheel for the track. I wore my time trial helmet, a speedsuit and shoes covers. And last but not least I did a warming-up on the rollers. This all resulted in a time of 4:13min; Almost 18s faster than my race on December 1st. New, today, for me, was that we had to start from a starting machine.


This evening we had a nice but easy training. Riding with two side by side; one above the blue line and one underneath the blue line. Then we had to ride from the back through the middle (over the blue line) to the front. Next exercise was sprinting with four from the front to the back of the group. The third and last exercise was riding in group of seven in a line for 15 minutes. Gilles was there and he made some pictures, before his battery was depleted.


Tonight we had the populaires again. This time the women had to wear the special shirts for the spectator's cap prices. It was a pitty for the spectators with a light blue cap, because I had the light blue shirt and did not win anything.
The first race was an Elimination Race or Miss & Out. However you had to miss twice before going out. The second race was a Points Race in which I was able to get the last five points. The third race was a Win & Out. Between the races I was able to ride on a roller. So I had a nice evening on the track again.

To read more about track races en rules you can consult wikipedia.


Today the track training was a free training. So we rode without a schedule. I was on the track for about an hour.


Tonight I attended the Dernytraining. Nice to do it once. It is less intense than the other track trainings and you can ride quite steady. I first rode a 45min at a d3 heartrate and after a short brake I rode another 30min at a d2 heartrate. So it wat a nice endurance training, but I do not like the noise and the smell of a derny.


This evening I was on the track again. It was an evening for the so called Populaires. During the populaires they organise all kind of (popular) races.

The first race for the women was a Tempo race (in Dutch leidersrace). In the tempo race each lap the first gets 2 points and the second gets 1 point. The winner is the rider with the most points. Our tempo race was over 20 laps.

The second race for the women was a race with unknown distance. You start riding laps and at a certain time the bell sounds for the last lap. The winner is the first finisher then.

The third and last race for the women this evening was a Win & Out. In this race the first place is decided on the final lap, however only the winner is finished. In order to secure the second place a rider must bue first across the line on the next lap. Third place is decide on the lap after that and so on.

It was a nice evening and I enjoyed it very much. Between the races I was able to ride on a roller too.


If I want to warm up before a track race, I should be able to ride on a roller. Therefore I bought a roller, so I can practice at home. Today, it was the first time I tried the roller at home, the second time ever on a roller. Gilles stand aside me for about 15 minutes. At first he held my seat, but after a while I was able to ride alone. I, even, was able to change the hands from on top of the handle bar to down in the bows and back...


Today I was on track again. Now for a training of about 1.5hours. It was great, but intense again. Gilles was there too, as spectator and photographer. He made nice pictures...


Today I rode my first track race ever. It was an individual pursuit; 3km. I was at the track at 19:00. The race was about 21:00. So I had to wait up to then.
In the meantime, I was not able to ride on the track, so I was not able to try my clip-on tri-bars, which I had mounted on my track bike, before the race. There were some rollers, however I had never been on a roller before... I tried the rollers for a while around 19:30 and I managed to stay on, but I did not dare to lay down on the tri-bars. Further, I just waited for the race.

I I was told to make speed, while standing on the pedals, in the first corner and lay down on the tri-bars just before the second corner. However I still was concerned how I could/would go through the corners lying on the tri-bars; I thought it would be quite different from the road...

Then the gun-shot sounded and I had to go. At first I was a bit carefull, but it appeared to be not that scaring... After two laps I was already doubled. Normally the race would have been over, but we were allowed to set a time.
So I went on and managed to reduce the speed difference with my opponent, because she did not double me a second time. My legs started to hurt and even my arms hurt. My throat tasted like blood. After 12 laps I finished with the fifth time (of six) in 4:30.82min. It was a very nice experience!


Today I rode on the track again. It was the first time since I decided in October to keep from the track until after the Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3 the in Clearwater, Florida, USA on november 8, 2008. I started with the beginners and it was nice. Soon I had confidence again.


I decided to keep of the track now till after the Worldchampionships Ironman 70.3 in Clearwater, Florida, USA on November 8, 2008.


The second day of the track-trainer course. This time in Alkmaar. With six learning trainers we had to train about 45 children from 12-16 years old:


Today was the first training day at the track of the Omnisport Centrum. I was allowed to use my own bike, which will be my birthday present from Gilles next Friday October 3rd:

IIt is great biking on the track. It asks for concentration, because you can't break and can't freewheel, but you get used to it soon.

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