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News 2008

St Croix Caribbean Classic 2008

Nevis was in the house at the St.Croix Caribbean Classic Olympic distance Triathlon, held at the Buccaneer Hotel. It was a 7:00am start so the athletes were there an hour ahead tightening any loose screws and making sure that all systems were a go. Representing Nevis were Reggie Douglas, coming off a long rest from competition, and James Weekes who was still basking in the glow of his recent win in St John, lining up against some very fine tuned athletes all 41 of them.
At five minutes to start time all athletes were positioned at the waters edge ready to go. The pros were off first with some amazing speed as they raced towards the distant buoy. Then with a splash, the age groupers were off scrambling over each other to get ahead. In some 33 minutes Reggie was out and rushing through transition, then he was off on the bike leg. Despite a poor swim, James was like a freight train in and out of transition and away on the bike leg, with much time to make up he was well ready for the fight. As the spectators waited to see who would be back first off the bike, the fight was hot and heavy on the open road as Reggie ate up the bikers before him and spit them out only for James to suck them in like a giant vacuum and scatter them all over the tarmac. It was fierce and furious and James was making up time with every passing second. From a time of more than 5 minutes back Reggie and James were able to bike themselves ahead of the pack. Reggie was the second biker back, and James was now fourth, posting the second best bike time of the race. Whilst the spectators were picking their bottom jaws from the floor in amazement the Nevisians were off on the run dominating the field, their only challenge coming from local St Croix athlete DeWayne Smith. In the end ‘there could only be one’, and Reggie excelled and did it again, taking the number one spot for Nevis, second was DeWayne, with James taking 3rd for Nevis.
A fabulous result for Nevis once again, which was sadly marred either by some serious errors in judgment from the event director, or outright cheating, as surprisingly when the results were posted up DeWayne was given 3rd  and James demoted to 7th , a sad end to a magnificent performance by the Nevis ‘Dynamic Duo’ , but Reggie can now lay claim to the title of top Caribbean Triathlete of 2008.

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