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News 2008

News from the Duathlon Worlds in Italy

hey guys,
just a quick race overview for those who are wondering how it went.
the weather was so windy that the barriers were blowing over as i warmed up for the race.  My injuries felt pretty good the days before the race as i had been seeing the team chiropractor who did some massage stuff too.  the decided to combine the womens field last minute so there was a pretty big field.  the road that the races started on was pretty narrow so i was trying to make sure that got out in front and did not get boxed in.  at the start of the race i went out with the top women, it actually felt pretty good.  by around mile 2 i was still with the top 10 women but then my hamstring started acting up and having sharp stabbing pain down my whole leg. i started slowing down a little to try to let the leg warm up.  unfortunately as i started slipping in position in the run, my leg was getting progressively more painful.  by the time i got on the bike i was having cramping in my left hip flexor and the hamstring was still there even while biking. i tried to ignore it and get down into the aerobars to get out of the strong wind. the course was crowded and they had added an additional turn into the out and back 2 mile bike stretch, as if there was not enough turns.  when i got off the bike into transition my hamstring had seized up and i hobbled over to rack my bike thinking, i cant beleive that i still have to run 3 miles.  i trudged on the last run as fast as i could but it felt like i was going in slow motion.  this was definetly one of the hardest races i have done.  i ended up with 13th place in my age group and 27th overall for the women. i still am sore and not walking pain free yet. i know i should be happy with these results but i think that without the injury duirng the last 2 months i could have trained and done much better. the women who got 4th place i have raced before in and was able to beat......
anyway, i guess i just need to walk away with some learning from this experience and look ahead to the future.....................l all the best!

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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