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News 2008

Hawaii 70.3 (Half-Ironman)

Firstly thank you fo your good wishes, it made such a difference to know everyone was thinkning of me as I
embarked on my journey:-)
The race actaully started the day before on Friday as we had to check in our bike to run gear at T2 and then our
bikes into T1, this actually made race morning a little less stressfull as we only had to carry our swim and bike
gear in on the morning. Race morning started at 4am with room service packing in a good breakfast and getting ready for a 7am start. We hit the shuttles at 5am and headed down to the swim start line. The bike racks seem to go on for miles as 1300 athletes line up and get their stuff ready. Unlike I am used to you are not allowed anything on the floor next to your bike, it must be bagged and put in the designated areas. We went down to the swim which was a one loop course out into the ocean, we were warned that the water was 50m deep and should expect to see dolphins, manta rays and turtles swimming beneath us! I did not see any but I know others that did. The swim was a deep water start another first for me, as was the fact that all 1300 athletes started together so up to the third bouy was really conjested. The water was choppy but not with big surf just gentle swells, it was clear and beautiful and the perfect start to the triathlon. Out of the water across the beach and up the hill into transition, grabbing my bag on the way, transition was good considering the distance and I was happy as I jumped on the bike. My bike looked like an old clanger in comparison to some of the bike out there, even in its pretty pink, the tri bikes in the race were a sight to be seen! The bike course was a two turnaround course up to the Mauna Lani Resort and then down to the town of Hawi, this is 56 miles of the of the Iron man world championship course so it was an amazing feeling to ride such hallowed ground. The course rolled consistently with some nice climbs, the heat of course was insane but it was the wind that made things hard work, we had a cross head wind on the way out and a wonderfull crodd tailwind on the way back.Into T2 and on to the run, the run course was through out the Mauna Lani Resort and was very complex but with flags and cones all the way there was no fear of going wrong, it was very hot by this time in the day and I was exhausted but what made the run difficult was the constant change in terrain, from Asphalt to concrete, to sand to grass!  The hardest part was running past the hotel pool and bar at Mile 6! All in all a trememdous day a race I woudl love to do again, I did what I set out to do beating my personal best by just over half an hour so of course I am delighted.

51:41 3:47:18 2:55:48 7:45:33 947 65
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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