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News 2008

Kristina’s: Week 2

We met again, Don and me on that course, along with all the other participants hungry for a rematch, redemption from the weekend past, an attempt to better performance. 10 loops this time, 1.6miles a loop, at the start line: we waited (TNCTC members, youths, youth club leaders, medical students, and visiting competitors) in columns of colors as Collette set the clock: ready she inquired, we were, and go she said amidst the sounds of shoes clicking petals, wheels licking pavement, wind lashing through.

Reggie, Matt, Winston, and Alex thundered ahead, I determined not to let Don take advantage kept him behind, but let Stephanie slip past me. Up the gravel slope we flew towards Mount Nevis, and left onto the track, Reggie, Matt, and Alex out of sight, but Stephanie just ahead. The first log on the course I maneuver around, the second I watch in horror as Stephanie gracefully rides right over! Oh my, last weekend I was able to ride to the side of these logs (this one being ginormous) but this weekend Reggie has complicated the race with more technical aspects: lines of large rocks stretch on either side of this log … in continued horror and spitting aggravation I ride a large loop around the line of rocks, and continue with Stephanie now, too, out of sight.  Down the path, recklessly tumbling, to gather advantage, sunglasses fogged up, seat falling low from the continual thudding of the bike as it pounds down the stony track.  Past the gathering spectators and around again, following the winding path back up the gravel, nine more laps yet.

I keep Don behind me the first three laps, the fourth going up he pass me. The fifth going up, I feel good, and pass him back. Determined this time to keep him behind I quicken my tempo. Here, Matt from Kansas, laps me once (he will lap me twice coming around the ninth lap.) Going down now, I look behind and there no sight of Don, the rest of the race I am on my own, Reggie passes me once mid course after Matt, and again on his last lap. I pass a couple youths and Frank and Doc, and other then that it’s just me and the course and those wretched logs in my way.  Last lap around Alex pass me, riding up hill smooth and fast. I went around for my tenth lap as Winston and Stephanie soon finished.  10 laps later this weekend’s event has left different competitors victorious.

Yes, I fulfilled my promise with Don, but Stephanie came first with a sizable advantage. Matt came ahead of Reggie, and different folks were in and out of the mix. In all it was a fun experience, but I have to admit that while mountain biking has its moments; I prefer road biking and time trialing. Never know until it’s tried though. Maybe, someday if I am able to master those logs Id feel differently. For next weekend though, expect to see me in the mix on my road bike at Reggie’s big all-day event in New Castle. Hope to see you there too, as there are road races, BMX competitions, and running, also with food, music, and entertainment: there is something for everyone.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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