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News 2008

Atlantic View Mountain Bike Race

It was a beautiful day for a mountain bike race; the course had a total of 20 bikers, the race started below the Vance W Amory International Airport at the start of the 10k mark. Both elite male, female and youth did 7 laps of the 1.66 mile loop. The race started real fast, and who was to be there was there, who wasn’t supposed to be there was spit out the back. As the top guys turned at the Mount Nevis sign, Reggie, who was there just to see where his fitness level was, was out front pushing the pace and paying James back for his loss at the recent St Kitts Criterium. Really putting down the hammer as he dropped a hard charging Matt Brown (USA) on the second lap and went on to win the race.

Reggie completed the course in-44:42

Well on to the females, and i know they had fun, Kristina was out front and look like she was not going to give up the lead as she were pushing hard for first place, Matts wife Stephanie Brown was chasing hard, with first time mountain bike racer Sarah Petre-Mears having a go, but Kristina was more comfortable on the course and came in first with time to spare.

Kristina completed the course in-55:54

Sarah managed to complete 2 laps and i would like to say congrats. It was her first time doing an off road race with only a year and a few months on the bike, well done Sarah.

On to the youths, the Newcastle Development Squad, the new racing team on the block, which already had been competing in a few races before and indeed they love the off road. One member from the Cotton Ground crew took part in the event and did really well; i hope more will take part in the next race.

Newcastle Development Squad:
Dion Clarke finished the course in 59:57

The club out of Cotton Ground:
Delano Browne finished in 101:11

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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