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News 2007

White Mountain Milers Half Marathon

Jaime and I competed in the 22nd annual White Mountain Milers Half Marathon on Sunday, October 28th, 2007. Our training was a bit rushed as we signed up for the race only about six weeks prior, so we were both a bit anxious on race day. The day dawned sunny but cold, with gusty winds. We arrived at the starting area with plenty of time to get our bibs and do some stretching. We finished up all the normal pre-race preparation and tried to stay warm at the starting line. There were roughly 350 runners in any combination of gear. Some had winter tights and long sleeve tech shirts, some added jackets, vests or fleece; some were scantily clad in tiny shorts and t-shirts. It made me cold to look at some of the racers. Brrrrr! A gun started the race which took off fast. At around the first turn I noticed my shoe lace had come untied. How I could have overlooked this important detail I still don’t know. I was off to a good start but had to bend down and tie my shoe which allowed many runners to pass me. I started again but my confidence once again took a blow as I notice my other shoe was untied. Again, I bent and tied my shoe…don’t ask what possessed me to not check my other shoe when I was down the first time. Anyway, my run was on pace other than that. The route was an out-and back with a lollipop loop at the half-way point along a scenic mountain by-way in northern New Hampshire. At one point I passed a horse farm; the horses were inspired by the runners passing and galloped along the fence-line along side us. It was very cool. I kept an eye out for Jaime but he must have been in or near the end of the lollipop when I entered it because I did not see him until near the end of my race. He was perched at the bottom of the last few hundred feet of the course which included a grueling steep incline. I finished my race at 1 hour 58 minutes and 58 seconds which is within a minute of my other two half-marathon times. I was happy with that considering all things. Jaime did very well in his first half marathon. He gave the White Mountain Milers a run for their money finishing 53rd overall, 7th in his age group, at 1 hour 41 minutes. An excellent time for an unfamiliar race distance and the sporadic training he did.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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