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News 2007

Junior Tri & Road Riding program start anew

This last weekend was a busy one over at Oualie Beach Hotel, the base of operations for the TNCTC junior triathletes 'The Cheetahs' as they began a new phase of of preparation for an upcoming Triathlon event. 16 young persons were on hand to reprrise what they had previously learnt about their sport, learn new techniques and put what they learn into practise, encouraged and guided by the coaches of TNCTC James Weekes, Reggie Douglas & Kristina Stoney. The youngsters also had a surprise in store as they were presented with a pair of swim goggles each, that had been donated by a couple of tourists who were visitnig Nevis for the first time and wanted to make a gesture to the a young club.
On sunday afternoon another group of 6 young men met with members of TNCTC to learn more about road riding, equipped with road racing bikes donated by the Wheel World Cycle Shop, the young riders were taken through a series of excersises designed to help them learn about bike control, cadence (leg speed) the rudiments of team riding and pace lining. After the session the youths were given the opportunity to burn off any excess energy with a short sprint race which was won by Quincy Ferguson of the Jessups All Stars youth club. TNCTC president Winston Crooke is very pleased with their progress and interest so far, and looks forward to their next sessions.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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