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News 2006

Report from Puerto Rico

Hi to all my fellow cyclists, some of you may know that I have been to Puerto Rico on a training camp, I just want to say it was wonderful!. We were based at the Olympic training facility there. The campsobjectives were to gain a deeper understanding of riding and racing tactics,to improve on our existing techniques, and to gain a greater understanding of proper nutrition for training and racing. The‘director sportive’ was Chris Ghiorse of Tortola,also there was Neil Thomas fromB V I, even from Neil I learntsome things, Neil, who has trained in Puerto Rico before, was back there to train for the upcoming CAC games in his favorite discipline of the time trial. Whilst there, we were also entered into two local races as part of our training, the first one was a hilly course with a circuit of 12 laps,it was a rainy day, so it proved quite an experience. The second race day was on a flat course two days before we were due to leave, and had up to 80guys, Chris told us to just sit in and see what speed was all about. This was a 20 lap course, and before you knew it people were already dropping out, then thepowerful teams stepped up the pace, and when I say stepped up, i mean really fast, up to 55km an hour, and sometimes 60km, I myself had to drop out. But it was a great experience, and I would like to thank the BVI Cycling Federationfor my UCI license so that I could race, also thanks toWinston Crooke who gave me theok to go and get theexperience, and to the Nevis Tourism Authoritywho made it possible for me to get in the camp. I even learnt a few triathlon skills. I still have a lot to learn, but one step at a time.
Yourfriend in sport Reggie

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