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News 2006

Reggie selected for training camp

Reggie Douglas of Nevis was recently invited to attend a 10 day road cycling workshop in Puerto Rico, the camp is being run by veteran road racer, and current OECS champion Chris Ghiorse of Tortola. Chris invited 8 young riders from throughout the Caribbean to make up a 'super' team whose goal would be to raise the collective skill level of the entire region, by honing and refining their natural talents, to better enable them to compete against the larger countries in major competitions. The athletes will be housed in the olympic training facility in Puerto Rico, where they will do little else except ride, culminating in two races against the formidable Puerto Ricans, Reggie, although relatively inexperienced in comparison to some of the others in the camp, was selected because of his determination and positive attitude. Reggie is very excited to be given this opportunity, and is keen to soak up the lessons he will be given, so that he can bring what he has learned back to share with his Nevis team mates, he will keep a diary of his progress so that he can make a full report of the camp upon his return. We at the Nevis Cycle & Triathlon Club are proud of this achievement and congratulate Reggie on being such a good ambassador for both his team and for Nevis.

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