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100km run in 6 legs in 4 days

June 2-5, 2006 - By
Although I promised myself in 2002 that it was a one time event for me, I had registered again this year. Why? Because I probably had forgotten how tough it was and because I thought it would be a good preparation for the Norseman Triathlon in August....
So, it happened that I started Friday June 2nd at 19.30h for the first leg of a 100km running event: 16.4km. I intended to start easy because there were many kilometers ahead and because of my bike accident Saturday last week. 83 people started for the 100km in 6 legs run. There was also a second race: 60km in 4 legs. In this race about 160 people started. Further, it was also possible to just participate in one leg. All legs go around Apeldoorn, the city where I live. The courses had many small hills and also many off road tracks.
The first leg goes well, I can keep the pace and heart rate I want and I finish in 1:30.15h, more than 5 minutes faster than in 2002, but it is still early in the event.
Next day, Saturday, we have to do 2 legs: One leg in the morning of 20.5km and one leg in the evening of 14.7km. But before that, I want to do an easy swim with my triathlon club from 8:00-9:00h. Unfortunately one of the members is swimming on the wrong side of the lane and he and I have a head on collision. Again my head... I stop immediately with the swim and go out of the pool. My head hurts and I hesitate if it was wise to go on with the run. Eventually I decide to go on for the next leg and see how I feel. So at 11.00h I start for the second, and probably the toughest, leg. This leg is only for the '100km people', the '60km people' can rest up to tonight. Supported by some club friends, I finish the 20.5km in 2:00.13h.
Not really fast, but good enough and again faster than in 2002. Back home I have to rest and eat for the evening leg at 19:00h. Also this leg goes well, I have to pace down my speed and tell my self not go with the '60km people' or the 'one leg people'. After 1:23.35 I finish the 14.7km.
Next morning we have to do a time trial. First the 'one leg people' start as a group. Then the '100km people' start with 30s between each and the latest in the ranking first and finally the '60km people' start with 30s difference.
I had to start at 10:02.30. We start from the inside of a horse trailer, so you first have to go down the gangway before you are on the road. Also this fourth leg goes well and with my time 48:18min I am for the fourth time faster than in 2002. After my finish I have to get home and rest, because at 17.00h the fifth will start. This leg again is only a '100km' leg and the '60km
people' can rest for the half a marathon tomorrow.
The fifth leg is 18.8km. Gilles decides to register as a one leg runner and so do two other club members Judy and Joke. Gilles does very well on this course with some height meters and a lot of loose sand tracks; he finishes in 1:18.03h. Judy and Joke start together, however Judy decides during the race to chase me, too late, she just finishes after me. Joke finishes some minutes later. My time, 1:45.38, is again, yes it is getting boring, faster than in 2002. I am now already 48 minutes faster over the 5 legs! Again, back home I have to rest and eat well for the final leg tomorrow.
Monday morning at 11:00h the starting shot for the last leg sounds. The final 21.2km, In 2002 I collapsed totally, so I am very careful this time. The first 10km go well in 58 minutes, although it is mainly on the paved road. After 15km 1:26h is on the clock, so I still go well, but now the hardest part starts; off the road and a lot of loose sand. I manage to keep going and finish in 2:04.09h, a nice time for half a marathon on this course and after so many days of running before.
My total time for the 100km is 9:32.08h, that is 1:29.58h less than in 2002! My place overall is 68th of the 83 starters and 73 finishers. Not bad for a triathlete, in training, between all those runners.

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