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News 2006

Bente Weber Memorial Channel Swim

Nevis to St. Kitts Swim
As my friends and I drove out to Cockleshell Beach we knew it was going to be a great day for a race. No clouds in the sky, warm temperatures, and virtually no wind. The ocean looked calm which meant for clear water and not too much chop. As we arrived at the beach to await our boat ride over to Nevis, we were impressed to see a large number of Ross Students attending.
Standing on the beach at Nevis, the finishing beach was barely visible. But, I wasn’t worried about the distance, I was more worried about what lurked below. Movies and TV shows such as Jaws, Megaldon, Lake Placid, Anaconda, and the Discovery Channel have all filled my mind with visions of man-eating water-dwelling creatures. I tried to get these thoughts out of my mind and prepared myself for the task ahead. Kelly Rock and I seeded our selves in the front, and waited for the start. As soon as the race started, a small group of swimmers went right to the front. I decided to hang back for a bit and work my way up as the race went on. I kept my eye on Kelly and she was right behind me, which I expected because we swim the same pace. We soon met up with Reggie and formed a group, pushing each other on and helping each other to keep a good pace. My friends Lisa and Liz were kayaking and gave us direction and motivation across the channel. My fears of being eaten soon dissipated. The water was shallow, I could see the sandy bottom the whole time, and the only creatures I saw were a few leisurely swimming turtles. Once out in the middle of the channel there were some waves and chop, but nothing more than I expected. As our swimming group neared St. Kitts, I decided to quicken the pace. Reggie responded by keeping with me. After a bit of zigzagging and a few minor off-course turns we both arrived on Cockleshell together in approximately 1:19
The post-race festivities included snacks and beverages. All the swimmers and volunteers hung-out on the beach and cheered for all the finishers. It was a great accomplishment for all; everyone made it across. Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out and keeping the swimmers safe.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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