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News 2006

Shannon signals her imminent return to top form

More news from the USA collegiate cycling circuit where our very own Shannon Fitzgerald is recovering from a shoulder injury, but still providing a challenge to the other women
Hey, how are things down on the island? how was the cross channel swim? Well I hope.I am still not fully healed from the broken clavicle. They say i have 2-4 more weeks till the bone is 100% strong. But I could not turn down the chance to do a road race this past weekend in TN. It was a 42 mile race with one steep climb and one long 2-3 mile climb and we did the loop 2 times. First lap around the field split up at the long climb and I was in the break away group of 4 riders. I wish the race had ended at the top of the second climb as I was in first place with the other 3 riders close on my heels. in the 5 miles the remained the girls who were team mates tried to drop me but to no avail. When it came down to the sprint (i still am unable to stand up and sprint with the collar bone injury) one of the girls outsprinted me. But i came in second. I was happy considering i still am not up to par in training or ability to race.hope you all are well. I think of all the guys and our races often and thank you guys for all that you taught me in riding that has helped me to go this far. Take care, shannon

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
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